Procedures for participating in a meeting

1. The invited user receives an email with all the information of the meeting (Name of the user [HOST] who invited them, Company, Title etc), and the options to Accept - Refuse - Unsure. They thus can accept, reject or state that they are not sure about their participation in a meeting respectively. In addition to the email, they can accept or reject a meeting from within the platform, on the My Meetings page. On this page, theywill see all their scheduled meetings.

2. At the beginning of the meeting, the Host on the My Meetings page opens the meeting and the guest from the same page selects Join to connect while receiving an email informing them that the meeting has opened. They can also choose to connect to the meeting directly from the email they have received by clicking on the link within it. At the same time, if the user is already logged in to the platform, they will see a pop-up notification on the top right corner of the platform informing them that the meeting has opened and they can select to Join from said pop-up.

3. The meeting on the upper left has a reverse timing. When the time expires, the meeting closes and participants go to the My Meetings page.

4. In order for one of the participants to close the meeting earlier than the scheduled time, it is enough to close the browser window (tab) of the meeting or to press another option in the Menu.

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